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Because they will have deliberated carefully over whether and how to employ OSDBs, the products are unlikely to be taxed in unexpected directions.
However, despite the glowing reports from users, OSDBs have three particular technical challenges to overcome that users must consider:
Scalability OSDBs are solidly in gigabyte territory.
Adoption of OSDBs for most mission-critical systems will require a base level of support for capabilities such as stored procedures and views.
As such, organisations need to compare the complexity of required queries to the SQL syntax supported by OSDBs.
Of course, for any new technology there are costs for initial training - in this case, of database administrators (DBAs) and developers - but OSDBs' lack of complexity helps minimise these expenses.
If OSDBs can improve scalability and keep administration simple, those costs will ease in the long term.
Traditional vendors have not lowered prices materially, users are requiring fewer new features and OSDBs are approaching parity in the features that matter.