OSDCOpen Source Developers' Conference (annual international conference)
OSDCOpen Source Developers' Club (computing club)
OSDCOn Site Disposal Cell (US Department of Energy)
OSDCOffshore Software Development Center
OSDCOffice of the State Deputy Comptroller (New York, NY)
OSDCOntario Social Development Council (Toronto, ON, Canada)
OSDCOffice of Small Business & DVBE Certification (California)
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The OSDC has helped extract the parasites during weekends, which resulted in the removal of 576 pieces of COTS weighing about 400 kilos.
This method utilises proven-in-practice methodologies such as Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC), Monte Carlo simulation and Orthogonal Security Defect Classification (OSDC).
Significant qualitative improvements of quality management are provided by OSDC. Therefore, the perceived deficiencies are eliminated, which significantly improves the security software quality thus increasing information security and reducing the computer fraud risk.
In order to emulate the security software scenario, the original defect classification is remapped to OSDC based on the ODC-OSDC mapping matrix published by Hunny [7].
Sensitivity Analysis) to complement the quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis provided by OSDC;
The proposed practical method applies Six Sigma DMAIC, Monte Carlo simulation and OSDC methodologies.
To emulate the scenario of security software, the ODC classification was remapped to OSDC by using ODC-OSDC mapping matrix;
Consider and prioritise defects by type as identifid in the sensitivity analysis (#3 above) to complement the quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis provided by OSDC;
In addition, NETWAYS is offering tickets to the Puppet Camp that will immediately follow the OSDC.
This contract for the supply, printing, enveloping and sending letters, for colorectal cancer screening, on behalf of the OSDC the CPAM of Haute-Savoie.
Request for Proposal For Appointment of an Agency for Setting up and Maintenance Support of Cloud Enablement Infrastructure In Odisha State Data Centre (OSDC).