OSDDOther Specified Dissociative Disorder (diagnosis)
OSDDOpensearch Description Document (computing)
OSDDOffice of Systems Design and Development (US SSA)
OSDDOpen Source Drug Discovery Foundation (India)
OSDDOpen Space Design Development
OSDDOpportunity Secure Data Destruction (Glenkirk; Northbrook, IL)
OSDDOilfield Services Data Dictionary
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The OSDD initiative attempts to encompass the drug discovery process: identification of nontoxic drug targets, in vitro and in vivo validation, in silico screening of small molecules, lead optimization, pre-clinical toxicity, and clinical trials.
For Brahmachari and OSDD, openness represents an instrument--one that, like patent law itself, is to be used appropriately to achieve specific goals and social results.
As of October 2009, there were more than 1,700 registered participants for OSDD (SysBorgTb, 2009).
OSDD aims to break down drug discovery into smaller activities with clear deliverables, which are posted on its Web portal.
Users of the portal must comply with OSDD's terms and conditions, which aim to prevent third parties from acquiring proprietary rights based on information available on the portal without contributing improvements made back to OSDD.
A more subtle incentive may come from OSDD's momentum: clear goals and high-profile backers.
The OSDD project has investigated the genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, with a view to finding new treatments.
IOI has plans to partner with the Indian government and OSDD. OSDD may benefit both from Cambia's philosophy on system-level barriers, and from its IT tools to navigate patents.
Viable collaborative platforms: Cambia and OSDD both deployed collaborative platforms.
As Jefferson and OSDD noted, metrics that reward users' contributions may be helpful.
Three kinds of "open": The demonstrated value of collaborative platforms in both Cambia and OSDD illustrates a point about the "open source" nomenclature.
To enable a more informed debate, it may help to look at examples such as Cambia and OSDD. Better metrics and tools might also be created to analyze IP policy options.