OSDEon Site Data Evolution
OSDEOklahoma State Department of Education
OSDEOrganización de Servicios Directos Empresarios (Argentina)
OSDEOpen Spaces for Dialogue and Enquiry (education methodology)
OSDEObra Social de Ejecutivos (Spanish: Social Work Executive)
OSDEOpen Service Delivery Environment
OSDEOpen Source Desktop Environment
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El Plan de la empresa lo aprueba ahora el Presidente de la OSDE, algo que hasta el momento hacia el Ministro del ramo o el Presidente del Consejo de la Administracion Provincial, si la entidad es de la subordinacion local.
On view at Fundacion OSDE, works by artists both within and tangential to the center attest to this shared tendency: among many others, Luis Benedit's Mini-Biotron, 1970, one of a series of Plexiglas habitats that sustained living ecosystems; Osvaldo Romberg's El paisaje como idea (Landscape as Idea) lithographs, 1970, one of his first "typologies" for classifying different pictorial genres and elements; and Diario (Newspaper), 1972, by Mirtha Dermisache (one of CAYC's few women artists), an illegible "newspaper" that retains a broadsheet's visual form without any actual content.
Politicas y pedagogia de la imagen, Buenos Aires, Manantial --FLACSO-- OSDE, 2006, 317 pp.
lt;<Partir sin partir del todo>>, in Revista TodaVIA, no 1, mayo 2002, Buenos Aires, Revista de la Fundacion OSDE, p.
Buenos Aires: Fundacion OSDE, IIEP, UNESCO, Siglo XXI.
OSDE tailors the format for each output medium - print or CD-ROM.
JBoss Enterprise BRMS and the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform are key elements in the technology strategy at OSDE," noted Gustavo Aguirre, CIO at OSDE, an Argentinian health insurance network.
The transition from iTunes audio files to full streaming capabilities will allow OSDE and the SBE to conduct business with greater transparency by allowing the general public to follow board discussions in real time.
de Bruno Latour--auspiciada en forma conjunta por la Fundacion OSDE y la Editorial PAIDOS--realizada el dia 4 de noviembre de 2014 en la Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina).
3 Specific training dates will be determined after award with input from the Supplier and OSDE with dates approved by OSDE.
In 2005, Grupo ASSA-led ARIS projects included Petrobras, the largest oil company in South America, and OSDE, one of the leading healthcare service providers in Argentina.