OSDFOn-Site Disposal Facility
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8% (n=108) did not prefer the colored OSDF as shown in Figure 1.
Although colored OSDF was the most preferred characteristic; appreciable variability was found according to the socio-demographic characteristics of the consumers as shown in Table 2.
The all discussed responses revealed that consumers have negative perceptions toward the color of OSDF in some of the medicine characteristics.
Males differ significantly in their perceptions toward color of OSDF form females in which Mann-Whitney test approved this difference (P=0.
Colored OSDF was the most preferred characteristics for this type of pharmaceutical preparations.
Gender, age groups, and educational level were contributing factors which varied significantly in perception toward the therapeutic benefit of colored OSDF.
This study revealed an alarming finding in which the majority of Iraqi consumers perceived the color is related to the therapeutic value of medicines that formulated as OSDF.
Color was the most preferred characteristic of OSDF by consumers with the perceptions that color is related to therapeutic activity of medicines.