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OSDLOpen Source Development Lab
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corn) was the Steering Committee Chairperson for the CGL Working Group of the OSDL and remains an active member of the new Carrier Grade Working Group of The Linux Foundation.
members of the OSDL not because it might harm Microsoft or generate
The OSDL Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) initiative started with the vision that communication services will be delivered using open standard carrier grade platforms.
In response to that claim, SCO has launched an IP slander lawsuit against Novell, and it is this lawsuit that Moglen and the OSDL believe protects Linux users.
OSDL is a non-profit organization formed to accelerate the adoption of Linux through the sponsorship of key projects, such as Data Center Linux, Carrier Grade Linux, Linux Stability, and Linux Performance.
We look forward to working closely with OSDL and our peers to solve common challenges for mobile Linux and benefit vendors' businesses and developers' design and integration work," said Pauline Lo Alker, president and CEO of a la Mobile.
OSDL is committed to accelerating Linux use in enterprise-class datacenters by working with IT vendors, IT managers, and the Linux development community in an open environment to define what we need to bring Linux into widespread use in datacenters," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL.
MontaVista was a founding member of OSDL (The Linux Foundation's predecessor) and has contributed to carrier grade Linux specifications and features for more than six years.
Colin knows firsthand both the requirements and the freedoms of Linux," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL.
Torvalds, along with Stuart Cohen, chief executive of the Beaverton, Oregon-based OSDL, was last week served with a subpoena by Lindon, Utah-based SCO, which claims that IBM has violated its contractual agreements and SCO's intellectual property by transferring Unix System V code into the Linux kernel.
We believe that OSDL provides a unique bridge between users, vendors and open source communities.
According to William Weinberg, independent analyst and former OSDL CGL initiative leader, MontaVista[R] Linux Carrier Grade Edition is the most widely-deployed Linux in the carrier grade market.