OSDPOnguard Supervised Device Protocol
OSDPOpen Supervised Device Protocol
OSDPOracle Service Delivery Platform
OSDPOpen Services Development Platform
OSDPOpen Service Delivery Platform
OSDPOriginal Substance of the Divine Principle (Unificationist commentary)
OSDPOpen Supervised Device Protocol (access control)
OSDPOpen Service Delivery Platform (Sun Microsystems)
OSDPOn-Board Signal and Data Processor
OSDPOpen Services Development Platform (Simplified Inc.)
OSDPOperational Systems Development & Production
OSDPOpen Source Discussion Platform
OSDPOpposite Sex Domestic Partner
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The OSDP, the only party in Kazakhstan that positions itself as opposition to the government, decided not to nominate a candidate for president.
(NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced that Triveni Digital, Inc., a leading provider of digital signal monitoring and analysis solutions and subsidiary of LG Electronics (LGE), has joined the Juniper Networks Open IP Solution Development Program (OSDP).
With the MultiServices DPC, customers will also be able to deploy security features such as stateful firewall, NAT and IPSec directly on the MX-series router, in addition to routing and switching.In addition to powering the new JUNOS services listed above, the MultiServices DPC can also host innovative applications developed by customers and partners through Juniper's Open IP Solution Development Program (OSDP).
(OSDP) focusing on (i) developing a 10 year road map for reforms in skills development in Odisha;
Bank to design Odisha Skill Development Project (OSDP) with ADB loan assistance of $102 million
Both companies provide RIMS in the UK specifically records management services (RMS), which comprise the storage and retrieval of paper and hard copy records, and physical offsite data protection (OSDP) services, which involve the storage and retrieval of data and media on tapes/discs.
equitable access to market responsive skill development programs, OSDP will establish 8 new
The IP-ACM also features full duplex RS-485 communications on board for compatibility with future technology, and supports OSDP for improved interoperability with other security devices.
Tyco Security Products is announcing that its Software House C CURE 9000 v2.50 event management platform now supports Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA) to allow for enhanced interoperability among security devices, such as reader-to-panel communications.
experts will assist the Employment, Technical Education and Training Department and ADB to design theproposed Odisha Skills Development Project (OSDP) with a focus on (i) developing a 10 year road map for reforms in skills development in Odisha; (ii) supporting the team leader to develop a sector analysis
Project (OSDP) by drawing on good practices from different central and state level programs as well as from other relevant countries.