OSDSOperating System for Distributed Switching
OSDSOn-Site Disposal System
OSDSOpen Side, Diagonal Seam (envelope design)
OSDSOttawa Swing Dance Society (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
OSDSOregon Sheep Dog Society
OSDSOceanic Systems Development and Support (FAA)
OSDSOpen Software Development System
OSDSOn-Site Depot Support
OSDSOffice of Small and DVBE Services (California)
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THE ORAL SOLID DOSE (OSD) development through manufacturing pipeline of products is expanding at a robust rate--even while industry watches the investment, interest and demand for biologics and biosimilars growing rapidly.
A couple of officials are OSD for over three years (since 2015 and 2016) waiting for posting.
Scope said that this is crucial to patients who are suffering with OSD as its aids compliance, which in-turn enhances their quality of life, and improves the patient-practice relationship.
In conclusion, these findings suggest that switching to BAK-preserved Tafluprost or preservative-free Tafluprost, in patients with an onset of OSD owing to the use of an ophthalmic antiglaucoma agent containing BAK-preserved Latanoprost, may be an effective option.
Given a set of end nodes [V.sub.end] in a network, the OSDS algorithm has four steps.
The CMO is likely to induct two more such OSDs soon.
Furthermore there was a complete overhaul of occupational classification whereby approximately 284 occupational classes were reclassified into 16 broad bands and Occupational Specific Dispensations (OSDs) for scarce skill and highly qualified professional classes were introduced.
OSIRIS Subsurface Detection Systems (OSDS) has been named the January winner of the 2014 Merseyside Innovation Awards.
The ones who take humor columns and slug the page with the word "Humor" as if the whole benighted readership needs it to be signposted, like look, this is a funny piece, so laugh and editors like that deserve to be made officers on special duty because that way, since OSDs do nothing of any worth ever anywhere, the newspaper is safe.
Occupational skin disease (OSD) is among the commonest diseases caused by work, with allergic contact dermatitis accounting for 90 - 95% of all OSDs.
Numerous studies employing virus tracers and/or chemical tracers have documented transport of wastewater from on-site sewage disposal systems (OSDS, septic tanks) to nearby surface water bodies such as canals, rivers, and marine environments (Paul 1995; Rose and Zhou 1995; Paul 1997; Dillon 1999; Paul 2000; Callahan 2001; Lipp 2001).