OSEANOrganisation for Sustainable Engineering in South East Asian Nations
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(42.) E.g., Osean exaisc-en ligis "in these laws"; in Umbrian this is nearly the rule.
At the 2009 IACSC Conference and Expo, being held 5-8 November 2009 at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, longtime WFLO Institute faculty member Ken Osean will teach you how to harness your day-to-day stress to help you to reduce stress at work and in your personal life.
(president, Henningsen Cold Storage) Karen Hill (president, Training Professionals, Inc.); David Hoehn (Hyster Company); John Horvath (attorney-at-law, Horvath & Lieber); Joe Howard and Connie Phipps (IARW insurance program administrators); Jim Marrella (coordinator of OSHA & EPA, United States Cold Storage); Ian Miller (MIS manager, Trenton Cold Storage Ltd.); Ken Osean (president, Planned Performance); Pete Peters (general manager of maintenance, Tompkins Associates); Mike Prince (general manager of Logistic Tompkins Associates); Ed Rucels (Teklogix); Dr.