OSECOffice Suisse d'Expansion Commerciale (French: Swiss Office for Commercial Expansion; now Swiss Agency for Foreign Trade Promotion)
OSECOcean Systems Engineering Corporation
OSECOn-Site-Electrolytic-Chlorination (Wallace & Tiernan)
OSECOpen Security Evaluation Criteria
OSECOffice of Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities (EPA)
OSECObservatório de Segurança das Estradas e Cidades (Portugal)
OSECOvarian Surface Epithelial Cell (biology)
OSECOffice Systems Education & Counseling
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To achieve the objectives, QBA and OSEC signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), and as a result both countries are anticipating a free trade agreement to further boost trade and investment.
Despite the proactive approach taken by OSEC, Swiss chef Armin Loetscher who has run the St Moritz restaurant in London for 30 years, says the Swiss wrongly believe quality alone will sell their products.
The Qatari Businessmen Association member Sheikh Mohamed bin Faisal al-Thani, also vice-chairman of Al Faisal Holding and mal, hoped the OSEC would become the catalyst for enhanced trade and co-operation between the two countries.
He highlighted the recent agreement with Petrobras and Mitsui to bring Petrosix[TM] technology to the project, and described the multi-phase development plan for OSEC.
The OSEC acquisition, completed in May, has traded in line with expectations.
In particular, OSEC was on the lookout for people who were into export and not just into designing alone, and those who needed a push.
The seminar also aims to introduce the OSEC, the integration of environmental ethics and values at all levels of sport, the use of sport in the promotion of the sustainable environment and development,the development of sports facilities in accordance with environmental standards, the involvement of high-profile sports personalities in the Sultanate to promote environmental awareness, as well as the integration of the environmental dimension in sports activities and school in various education institutions .
142 On-Site Hypochlorite Generators 142 On-Site Mixed Oxidant Generators 142 PEPCON SYSTEMS 143 SEVERN TRENT SERVICES 143 ClorTec Generators 144 Biochem Generator 144 WALLACE & TIERNAN/EOVQUA 144 Chlorine Dioxide Systems 144 OSEC 145 CHAPTER 4 INTERNATIONAL ASPECTS 147 WORLD ACCESS TO WATER 147 MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS 148 DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE PROJECTIONS 149 TOP EXPORT MARKETS FOR U.
OSEC is currently owned by its founder and majority shareholder, managers and staff.
More recently OSEC, Switzerland's trade support organization, has been benchmarking other European TPOs.
In June UBM signed a partnership agreement with The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO), a performance mandate of SECO implemented by the foreign promotion department of OSEC, with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of small and medium size enterprises from emerging markets in developing countries.