OSEHOccupational Safety and Environmental Health
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Chicago-based song-leader Debbie Friedman, for example, sang two Carlebach songs in an April 1, 1978 concert at Indiana University--a snippet of "Am Yisrael Chai" without attribution as a teaser before moving on to another melody, and "Oseh Shalom," which she taught to the attendees as "the kind [of song] that will keep you floating all night." (63) In 1981, the new edition of the NFTY Chordster included nine Carlebach songs, a level of authorship exceeded only by well known Reform song leaders Jeffrey Klepper (13) and Debbie Friedman (21).
As Grace (Birkat ha-Mazon) draws to a close, a messianic theme (8) is inserted in the prayer: "May the Merciful One make us worthy of the days of the Messiah and the life of the World to Come." This is followed by magdil/migdol and the universalistic Oseh shalom: "He who makes peace in His high places, may He make peace for us and for all Israel" (based on Job 25:2).
Ogbonnaya Chukwu and Friday James Oseh, Response of Nutritional Contents of Rice (Oryza sativa) to Parboiling Temperatures , Am.-Eurasian J.
At the end of our services, we express a desire for world peace: "Oseh shalom bim'rom-av hu Ya'asey shalom aleynu ve-al kol Yisrael ve'imru ameyn" (May He who makes peace in high places, make peace for us and all the world, and let us say amen).
The security department at Dearborn comprises six security officers, three supervisors, a supervisor of operations, an administrative assistant, and an Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Administration (OSEH) representative.
Learn the Shema, Oseh Shalom, Halleluyah and others in ASL.
This understanding is presumably supported by 7:26, and especially 8:12-13, "where the same two characters are contrasted, and where hote is defined by oseh ra, 'an evil- doer,' and einenu yare mi-lifnei Elohim, one who does not fear God'." (8)
Training was provided in biohazard safety procedures modified from the Occupational Safety and Environmental Health (OSEH) Laboratory Biosafety Manual (OSEH 2005) procedures.