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OSELOffice of Science and Engineering Laboratories (US Food and Drug Administration)
OSELOpen Source E-Learning (research project)
OSELOil Seed Extraction Ltd. (est. 2002; New Zealand)
OSELOriental Structural Engineers Limited (India)
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Phlebolepis elegans Pander aus dem Obersilur der Insel Osel. ZentralblattMineralogie Geologie Palaontologie, 1933 (Abt.
Poldvee 2009 : 658), wird durch eine anthropomorphisierende Darstellung des guten, netten, puren, reinen Revalestnischen, nach welcher als der Mutter sich die in Lais (Laiuse), Oberpahlen (Poltsamaa), Pernau (Parnu) und Osel (d.
Breve til Dels med Bilag fra Hertug senere Kong Magnus af Osel, Wiek og Kurland Stifter og Administrator af Reval Stift til Kong Frederik II og enkelte andre 1559-1578).
(12) Some of the bicyclists were to conduct a secondary landing northeast of Tagga Bay and race east to block the causeway to prevent the Russians from withdrawing from Osel. The requirements of the mission played a key role in determining the scheme of maneuver ashore, which in turn determined the composition and organization of the landing force.
21 April 2010 - Norway-based biotechnology company Pronova BioPharma ASA (OSEL: PRON) has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its new pharmaceutical products plant in Kalundborg, Denmark, ahead of schedule.
Spencer almost made it 3-0 with another header, Osel Sankofa powered a header against the bar and Moussa offered only an air-shot at an open-goal opportunity.
Denmark ceded to Sweden the islands of Gotland and Osel, Bornholm, two large Norwegian border provinces and Halland--a large part of what is today Southern Sweden.
Osel Hita Torres, 24, who was put on a throne as a toddler, now sports baggy trousers and long hair, and is more likely to quote Jimi Hendrix than the Buddha, The Guardian reports.
Regarding the Up Front lead article by Ananda Osel ("U.S.