OSEOOffice for Serious Economic Offences (South Africa)
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Twenty two strains were thus investigated for the effect of sub-inhibitory concentrations (1/2 MIC, 1/4 MIC and 1/8 MIC) of OSEO on them.
Eyeing Taiwan's information and communication technology (ICT) industry's international competitiveness, OSEO hopes partner with local medical-device manufacturers, DoIT said.
The agreement, signed by APII Director-General Farid Tounsi and OSEO Director Alain Renck, provides for boosting co-operation between the two institutions and intensify exchange of expertise exchange in SMEs' technological development.
213) for OSEO in combination with ketoconazole against clinical isolates.
Knowing that 80% of all search users ignore pay per click ads, OSEO designed organic SEO packages that provide search engine optimization and internet marketing services built to grow with a company.
com)-- OSEO Marketing announces today that their unique organic SEO services company is under all new management.
The Group is eligible for FCPIs (innovation investment mutual fund), and has the OSEO "Innovative company" label.
In May 2010, first FARO fund was established with the cooperation of the French Development Agency (AFD), the Groupe Caisse des Depots, and OSEO, an organization that supports SMEs.
The financing is being underwritten by a French banking consortium composed of OSEO, Credit Cooperatif and Credit Mutuel ARKEA.
Today, DBV is entering the development of its third product in better conditions than anticipated thanks to the strong partnership with HCL and Genclis and the support of OSEO.
CTEC owns patents, belongs to OSEO Excellence and is regularly granted with prises.
Alchimer's potential was initially recognized by the Strategic Industrial Innovation Program of OSEO, which supports state-of-the-art technologies with a high likelihood of commercialization, and the company was spun off from the Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique (CEA) in 2001.