OSEPOffice of Special Education Programs (US Department of Education)
OSEPOffice of Scientific and Engineering Personnel (National Research Council)
OSEPOptical Science and Engineering Program (University of Colorado at Boulder; Boulder, CO)
OSEPOffice of Security and Emergency Preparedness
OSEPOregonians for Sound Economic Policy
OSEPOperations Standardization Evaluation Program
OSEPOratorio Society of Estes Park (Colorado)
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In 1992, OSEP issued a Letter to Imber to redirect the State of Rhode Island to not impose an expectation that parents must request an IEE in advance or risk the opportunity to have a publically funded IEE.
Although we relied on teacher-reported data, we used the same definitions for student placement as the OSEP used in the 2007 child count data, and teachers are also the source for those data collected by each state in its annual child count data and subsequently reported to and compiled by OSEP.
A separate concern might be that historically, OSEP has not used its enforcement power particularly broadly, permitting states to be in violation of the IDEA for years.
Even though this study consisted of a representative sample of students with ASD in the public school system when compared to State Department of Education reports (OSA, 2005; OSEP, 2006), the small sample size makes meaningful generalizations related to children's and teachers' ethnicity difficult.
To assist states in addressing this indicator, OSEP supported the development and validation of the Schools' Efforts to Partner with Parents Scale (SEPPS; Elbaurn, Fisher, & Coulter, 2011), a Rasch-based measurement scale consisting of 25 items that is currently being used by 42 U.
Further, the IDEA'S dispute resolution procedures ought to be flexible enough to allow discussions about a broad range of education rights, including those found in the EEOA and NCLB, although OSEP guidance appears to actively discourage using the process for issues other than IDEA-related disputes.
A national IDEA partnership has brought together 55 organizations in technical assistance centers, with federal OSEP funding, to work on common concerns, says Christy Chambers, past president of the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) and a consultant for Beyond the Box, an education consulting group providing technical assistance and training.
She is co-author of the fourth edition of the book Collaborative Consultation in the Schools with Thomas Kampwirth and co-project director of an OSEP grant to train school psychologists to be effective instructional consultants.
Federally, both OSEP and Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) are in the U.
OSEP also launched a series of community-based public events to help clarify key issues related to implementation of the new federal law.