OSEPOffice of Special Education Programs (US Department of Education)
OSEPOratorio Society of Estes Park (Colorado)
OSEPOffice of Safety and Environmental Programs
OSEPOccupational Safety and Environmental Programs (US DHS)
OSEPOffice of Scientific and Engineering Personnel (National Research Council)
OSEPOptical Science and Engineering Program (University of Colorado at Boulder; Boulder, CO)
OSEPOffice of Security and Emergency Preparedness
OSEPOregonians for Sound Economic Policy
OSEPOperations Standardization Evaluation Program
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When educators implement the core set of PCBS practices (i.e., maximizing structure, explicitly teaching positive classroom expectations, actively engaging students in learning, and effectively responding to student behavior), students benefit behaviorally and academically (e.g., OSEP, 2015; Simonsen et al., 2008).
Further, data is a key component of PBIS (OSEP Center on PBIS, 2015), and scholars discuss school counselors' involvement in data within PBIS implementation theoretically and through single-subject case study research (e.g., Goodman-Scott et al., 2016; Martens & Andreen, 2013).
Because the OSEP student and teacher counts include private schools, we obtained data on student enrollment and the number of teachers in private schools for odd years from 1999 through 2011 from the NCES Digest of Education Statistics Table 205.80 (based on the NCES Private School Universe Survey).
The importance of the stakeholders working together was demonstrated in OSEP's need to create committees to focus on forging relationships between these stakeholders.
announced today that it has been awarded a contract with The Library of Congress to create its Online Learning Suite for the Library Services office, and FEDLINK/FLICC, and the Office of Security & Emergency Preparedness (OSEP) service units.
Studyo Osep (Aras) was published this past fall to coincide with the opening of a retrospective exhibition of the work of Osep Minasoglu at Istanbul's Galeri Non.
Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP, 2001, 2002), Dyches, Wilder, Sudweeks, Obiakor, and Algozzine (2004) found that children from African American and Asian/Pacific Island backgrounds received special education services under an Autism eligibility at approximately two times the rate of students from American Indian, Native Alaskan, or Hispanic backgrounds.
Within the Department of Education (Education), the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) is responsible for awarding and monitoring grants to states for Part C according to IDEA requirements.