OSERSOffice of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
OSERSOmaha School Employees' Retirement System (Omaha, NE)
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I think that OSERS staff members are learning how to work more effectively with groups outside the government.
During my tenure as Assistant Secretary, OSERS will aggressively and collaboratively work to create a society in which all disabled people can obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the goals they set for themselves.
I think this has given me a broad base of experience for my job at OSERS.
I have attempted to give you a glimpse of the goals OSERS will be pursuing over the next few years.
What is especially significant is that OSERS makes no reference to the DOEs Memorandum to McDonald regarding Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs), March 28, 2012.
a 2013 letter by OSERS clarifying that when bullying of a student with a disability results in the student not receiving meaningful educational benefit under IDEA, the school must remedy the problem, regardless of whether the bullying was based on the student's disability.
Given the state-by-state variability in segregated placements and the number of states that exceed the average by astounding percentages, does OSERS need to refocus its monitoring and technical assistance?
Given this, OSERS needs to make public in much the same way other readily available data bases, such as the number of adults participating in supported employment settings rather than placed in sheltered workshops, to ensure awareness of patterns of segregation across environment.
OSERS will also work with each state to support them in developing comprehensive plans designed to improve results for children with disabilities.
All comments concerning the reauthorization of IDEA should be addressed to Thomas Irvin, OSERS.
Note: OSERS Acting Assistant Secretary Michael Yudin wrote a blog post on the guidance.