OSF1Open Software Foundation System 1
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On a DEC Alpha workstation 3000/400, it takes about 300 microseconds from the time a user-level application issues a small write until a packet send request is handed to the network adapter, using the DEC OSF1 implementation of TCP/IP.
MIMER is available for: Alpha AXP/Open VMS and OSF1; Bull DPX20 AIX and DS90 D-NIX; HP-UX; IBM AIX; Intel 386/486/586 SCO Unix; Intel 386/486/586 Windows 3.1 (Client only); Sun-Solaris; VAX/VMS; Windows NT.
(6) Digital Fortran 90 (version 2.0-1) on a DEC Alpha WS200 running OSF1 version 3.0.