OSFIOffice of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canadian)
OSFIOpen Standards Fabric Initiative
OSFIOpen System File Interface
OSFIOntario Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Ontario, Canada)
OSFIOffice of Star Fleet Intelligence (Star Trek role playing)
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The Canadian Securities Transition Office should develop draft arrangements for the sharing of stability analysis among the CMRA, the Bank of Canada, OSFI, and key provincial market regulators who are not part of the cooperative capital markets initiative, and should publish these for comment.
In June, however, the OSFI said it issued the advisory because there has been an increased use of the B-words by non-bank financial service providers.
15) In June 2012, OSFI issued Guideline B-20, which outlines fundamental principles that federally regulated lenders are expected to follow for their mortgage-underwriting activities.
OSFI uses a transparent principles-based supervisory approach Its framework articulates objectives and leans on bank management to implement their standards and be accountable to them, proving compliance.
125) In addition, the special incorporation statutes give OSFI the power to disqualify, suspend or remove directors and officers of financial institutions.
Notably, in Basel III, a new leverage regulatory ratio is to be introduced for Tier I capital, which would be similar to the one already imposed by OSFI in Canada.
of OSFI, and new guidelines that OSFI proposed, to stave off an
The OSFI also monitors trends and emerging risks in the financial sector through a variety of means including the maintenance of research programs.
Hardware: PC running Linux, Solaris, IRIS, or OSFI.
In January of this year, OSFI released Guideline B-10 to regulate the outsourcing of business functions by banks and other federally regulated financial institutions, including foreign bank branches.
OSFI (comprised of Ancor, Brocade, Gadzoox, McDATA, and Vixel) has been working to develop a single standard that defines heterogeneous switching among multiple vendors' products.