OSFNSOffice of School Food and Nutrition Services (New York City Board of Education)
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OSFNS also provides periodic training as individual needs are identified and as staff members advance to more responsible positions with additional duties.
As a result, OSFNS is taking a two-tiered approach to training.
OSFNS has decided not to give the full course of HACCP training all at once.
One exercise for which OSFNS has particularly high hopes will be a walk-through of a kitchen in which various HACCP shortcomings have been planted.
OSFNS wants people to reflect on their training on the job.
The training of lower-level staff will be decentralized, and it is in this process that OSFNS expects to realize the greatest efficiencies.
Given the size of the implementation effort and the speed with which we wanted it to be accomplished, OSFNS felt it was important to have in place some mechanism that would provide feedback on the implementation in a short time and that also would serve to reinforce proper practices and to correct errors in the field.
OSFNS believes a monitoring visit that merely evaluated would be a lost opportunity.
OSFNS recognizes that the relationship between monitors and kitchen staff will inevitably be adversarial to some degree.
OSFNS was able to send trained monitors into the field to provide a more complete and objective view of food safety practices as they were actually being performed in the kitchens.