OSFSOpen Source Free Software
OSFSOffice of Student Financial Services (various locations)
OSFSOblates of St. Francis de Sales (religious order)
OSFSOn Site Field Supply (drilling)
OSFSOpen Source and Free Software
OSFSOrder of St. Francis - Secular, 3rd Order Franciscan (religious order)
OSFSOld Shoes for Sale
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The manifesto also called for the junking of the TRAIN law for only causing "the increases in the prices of basic commodities, school supplies, utilities, and oil, it also has been used as justification by schools to increase tuition and OSF." They also urged the government to "uphold democratic rights and welfare" of student councils, campus press, faculty union, and campus sectoral organizations.
Lauder expressed his concern at the OSFs relocation to Berlin.
The CTV-predicted values include the reference dose (RfD) and concentration (RfC), the oral slope factor (OSF), the inhalation unit risk (IUR), the cancer potency value [CPV; a California EPA (CalEPA)-specific OSF], and various estimates of the point-of-departure (POD).
"We actually are finding that the demand is more than our ability to provide, and weVe had to cut back because we don't have the space," says Nicholson of OSF's record year for education programming.
More than 70% of India's 100-odd FDA-approved facilities make OSFs.
"The statistical information compiled by the Office of Student Financial Services regarding Student Loan Xpress does not seem to justify a first ranking," according to the report, "and no employee of OSFS interviewed, including Dr.
Christian Beretta, OSFS, is the principal at Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, Florida.
operating system falls under the OSFS domain as do a number of other
The workstation has been implemented on a standard Unix platform (Sun OS) with C++, OSFs Motif and a commercial Unix GUI interface builder.
In an announcement published August 10, 2016, USDA APHIS stated that they have reached a preliminary decision to extend their determination of nonregulated status to OSFs nonbrowning Arctic Fuji variety.
Apart from extorting money from the students through expensive tuition and other school fees (OSFs), it still wants to expropriate their labor-power," protested CEGP national president Marc Lino Abila.
NUSP and R4E said CHED acted with scant consideration for the opposition to such increases in tuition and other school fees (OSFs) by the 313 Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) this academic year.