OSGAOpen Grid Services Architecture
OSGAOff Shore Gaming Association
OSGAOntario Seniors' Games Association (Canada)
OSGAOklahoma Student Government Association
OSGAOwen Student Government Association (Vanderbilt University)
OSGAOffice of the Secretary General in Afghanistan
OSGAOregon Sheep Growers Association
OSGAOntario Seed Growers' Association
OSGAOzark Steel Guitar Association
OSGAOhio Student Government Association (est. 2007; various universities)
OSGAOpen Source Grid Architecture
OSGAOpen Systems Group Associates
OSGAOccupational Specialist/Guidance Association
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John, Oonk, & Osga, 2000), users are taught how and where the automation is likely to be trustworthy or make errors, and they verify the automation accordingly.
200 Freestyle relay: Fenwick (Correa, West, Mulcahy, K.Drumm) 1:35.68; Oak Park-River Forest (Segal, Osga, Wojack, Ungaretti) 1:36.44.
100 Backstroke: Osga (OPrF) :57.13, Cakuls (Fwk) :58.37.;
400 Freestyle relay: Fenwick (Correa, Grasser, Mulcahy, Stahl) 3:32.96; Oak Park-Riiver Forest (Osga, Segal, Wojack, Ungaretti) 3:33.91.
The sparse approximation can be recovered via greedy algorithms such as one-step greedy algorithm (OSGA) and simultaneous orthogonal matching pursuit (SOMP).
A new bar, restaurant and deli, Osga, has opened its door on Oldham Sguare, tucked away off Renshaw Street in Liverpool city centre.
Approaches to meet these interface challenges have begun to emerge (Osga, Van Orden, Campbell, Kellmeyer, & Lulue, 2002), but clearly the historical reluctance to prioritize alerts in information and control workstations (Nugent & Obermayer, 1999; Obermayer & Nugent, 2000)--attributable to the daunting complexity of this task--will have to be overcome before successful interface designs that address the change blindness phenomenon are developed.
Osga, G., Van Orden, K., Campbell, N., Kellmeyer, D., & Lulue, D.
The part-task simulation captured several of the activities performed at combat information center (CIC) workstations, most closely resembling those of the tactical action officer of a missile-bearing naval vessel (Osga, 1989).
The warfare simulation was developed as part of the Navy Advanced Information Management and Evaluation System (NAIMES), a human factors tool for evaluating interface changes to shipboard CIC workstations (Osga, 1995).
Because of the similarity of the symbol recognition, monitoring, and scenario-following tasks to tasks found within CIC (Osga, 1989), participants uniformly had no trouble adapting to NAIMES tasks and control features.
Open Competition: Open tender for a contract for the provision of air services to monitor fire danger in forests and forest fires, as well as forest fires in the Khabarovsk Territory in 2015 OSGA DV airbase