OSGCOhio Space Grant Consortium
OSGCOklahoma Space Grant Consortium (Norman, OK)
OSGCOregon State Game Commission (now Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife)
OSGCOld School Grill Clan (Germany; barbecuing club)
OSGCOshawa Skeet and Gun Club (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
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A single Shadow system includes four aircraft; two OSGCS systems and ground data terminals; four One System Remote Video Terminals, or OSRVTs; a One System portable ground control station; and associated components and support equipment.
The test flights also proved several advances in AAI's OSGCS that provide greater command-and-control of unmanned aircraft.
These next-generation OSGCS capabilities also support NATO standardization agreement (STANAG) 4586 requirements for interoperability between unmanned systems.
The OSGCS can control multiple unmanned aircraft and transmit data to command centers and fielded units.