OSGPOhio Supercomputer Graphics Project (Ohio State University)
OSGPOperations Support Group Processor
OSGPOzarks Stream Geomorphology Project (USGS)
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Taking place from 3rd to 5th October 2017, EUW, the premier business, innovation and information platform connecting the smart utility community, will serve as an international venue for both OSGP Alliance and NES representatives to interact and engage with global industry experts and consultants in the smart energy value chain.
Bo Danielsen, chairman, OSGP Alliance, said, "We have been witnessing a tremendous shift in the smart energy landscape influenced by the unprecedented upsurge in cutting-edge technological innovations and the mounting need to promote sustainability.
The OSGP Alliance will lead an EUW conference session with an objective to tackle cyber security in the grid.
Furthermore, the OSGP Alliance will offer a pre-conference workshop that will cover an extensive range of topics, including the future of Smart Grids, OSGP Information Security and Data Protection, OSGP conformance testing and inter-operability testing, and OSGP evolution including interaction with other specifications and standards, as well as other topics.
Working with Echelon, our members, and other industry partners, we look forward to formalizing and publishing OSGP as a European and international standard for smart grid communications to benefit utilities, their customers, and suppliers.
We are excited about the opportunities that OSGP brings to us and our customers.
Built on open ISO/IEC and IEEE standards, OSGP adds additional security and reliability services necessary to properly network and manage devices in the smart grid.
OSGP provides needed control networking services for smart grid devices and creates an open playing field for innovation that is absent in the market today.
OSGP fills a void in the market by bringing an open, field-proven, standard that addresses the needs of a broad range of smart grid devices, and not just smart meters.
Given the huge market adoption and tremendous support from industry leaders, we expect to achieve similar results with OSGP.
ESNA will be presenting more information on OSGP and ESNA's standardization efforts in the Standardization & Interoperability session taking place Wednesday, September 22 starting at 2 PM at Metering Europe.