OSGROrdnance Survey Grid Reference
OSGROld Sci-Fi Geeks Rule
OSGROccupational Safety General Regulations (Canada)
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the survey work consists of pavement investigation as per the four individual sites: (1) a1m j56 (barton) sb bridge decks osgr 421888, 508389 - 421729, 508094 coring through hs, l1 & l2 approx.
tots MATCH MURTAGH 9 up to by scoring 2-2 Roscommon oSgR Ciarain Murtagh went on to score 2-2 and Enda Smith added the fourth goal late on but Roscommon spurned a number of scoring chances and they could have won by much more.
The hydromorphological assessment will be undertaken in the following survey reaches:(i) Upper River Mallart Loch Choire OSGR 264885,930525 to d/sof Sand Martin Bank 266010,931725(ii) Lower River Mallart OSGR: 267690,936905 to 267595,937335(iii) River Naver at Skelpick - OSGR 271350, 956660 downstream to271175, 957920(iv) River Naver at Carnachy OSGR 272410, 951320 downstream to272430, 952240(v) Langdale Burn OSGR: 269400, 944870 downstream to confluencewith River Naver(vi) River Naver (Langdale Burn) OSGR 269610, 944470 downstream to270050, 945240Whilst