OSGeoOpen Source Geospatial Foundation
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There have been over 74,000 downloads of MapGuide Open Source since it graduated from the OSGeo incubation period in 2007.
For more information about the OSGeo SQL Server Spatial FDO Provider, visit http://fdo.
This contribution advances OSGeo's mission of supporting and building the highest quality open source geospatial software," said Frank Warmerdam, president of the OSGeo Foundation.
OSGeo currently hosts 15 open source geospatial projects, including MapGuide Open Source and FDO Data Access Technology.
Memberships will be selected by OSGeo and are subject to OGC qualifications for Individual Membership.
We look forward to working closely with OSGeo and its members.
Now that it has graduated from the incubation process, becoming an official OSGeo project, developers can have added confidence applying the MapGuide Open Source platform to meet their specific web mapping needs.
Ingres and the OSGeo began their collaboration in 2007 and have since increased their mutual involvement.
We are committed to open standards and look forward to working more closely with OSGeo to help support and promote the open source community.
It's amazing to see the groundswell of interest and activity that has occurred during the past year," said Tyler Mitchell, executive director of OSGeo.
During the meeting several geospatial project representatives expressed interest in migrating their projects to the OSGeo site (http://www.