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OSGiOSGi Alliance (formerly Open Services Gateway Initiative)
OSGiOpen Services Gateway Initiative (now OSGi Alliance)
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In the "Semantic descriptions needed by the ITS app" section, semantics, ontological descriptions and reasoning applied to the OSGi middleware and the android platform are presented.
The OSGi framework is a modular service platform for the Java programming language that implements a complete and dynamic component model.
By focusing on providing differentiated solutions that enable the theme of 'multi-service transformation', ZyXEL introduces the OSGi Multi-service DSL Gateway Solution to help service providers and carriers with the capabilities to develop a variety of new services to satisfy the increasing demands from end users.
The OSGi framework is commonly used in many different industry areas such as vehicles, mobile phones, PDAs, application servers, and so on (Rubio, 2009).
The team concluded that fundamentally, RFID over the OSGi system will make the smart home a reality by connecting all the users' media devices and domestic appliances, so that they can usefully communicate with each other and with the user.
Providing remote OSGi access strengthens Voyager's peer-to-peer capabilities by leveraging services across entire communities, whereas these services are typically isolated and only accessible within a single device.
It was announced on 6 November that ProSyst, a company which offers client and server side OSGi service platforms, has agreed to provide OSGi technology to TES Electronic Solutions, an electronics services company.
The software giant isn't part of OSGI, but rather "a cautious observer," according to Al Hicks, principal member of staff in Exploratory Development for BellSouth.
The component-based OSGi design of the WSO2 Governance Registry has made development easier, and the components are versatile enough for us to reuse," said Dimitrios Kourtesis, a researcher in the Information & Knowledge Management research group of SEERC.
Modular Java, creating flexible applications with OSGi and Spring.
Visitors to OSGi Alliance 2004 World Congress in Barcelona (11-15 October) will be able to visit eNeo Labs Connected Home.
A new membership structure announced today by the OSGi[TM] Alliance prompts more organizations to participate in the technical development and evolution of OSGi technology.