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OSGiOSGi Alliance (formerly Open Services Gateway Initiative)
OSGiOpen Services Gateway Initiative (now OSGi Alliance)
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The OSGi framework is commonly used in many different industry areas such as vehicles, mobile phones, PDAs, application servers, and so on (Rubio, 2009).
The team concluded that fundamentally, RFID over the OSGi system will make the smart home a reality by connecting all the users' media devices and domestic appliances, so that they can usefully communicate with each other and with the user.
The environment blocks tampering with OSGi bundles and injecting unauthorized code via Java classloading hooks by protecting the Eclipse Runtime itself.
Providing remote OSGi access strengthens Voyager's peer-to-peer capabilities by leveraging services across entire communities, whereas these services are typically isolated and only accessible within a single device.
Built on the OSGi specification, WSO2 Governance Registry can be easily customized to specific IT project needs by adding other WSO2 components, providing greater flexibility and agility to meet changing enterprise demands.
This guide introduces programmers and application architects already familiar with object-oriented programming to OSGi, the framework for dynamic modularity in Java, and Spring Dynamic Modules, an OSGi extension to the Spring Framework.
Using the OSGi component architecture for our Browser-based applications allows us to quickly create and deploy customizable applications," explains Ludwig Neer, CTO of CAS Software.
The Contributing Associates level introduces a new technically focused option for more organizations to actively contribute to OSGi specifications and technology.
Applying new open standards such as OSGi allows clients as well as partners of GX to not only add new functionality to their websites, but also to the underlying product, independently and without having to adapt or even pull the plug on the existing system".
Guillaume Nodet and Debbie Moynihan to discuss distributed OSGi applications in the cloud as well as the business of open source software
This new platform is based on Java technology by OSGi, and it brings the benefits of component design to the mobile Java industry.
With OSGi Alliance Membership, WSO2 Extends Commitment to Agile Enterprise Implementations Enabled by Modular Software that Complies with OSGi