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OSHAOccupational Safety & Health Administration (US)
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Association (Hong Kong)
OSHAOregon Speech and Hearing Association (Salem, OR)
OSHAOn-Site Hazard Analysis
OSHAOperation & Support Hazard Analysis
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OSHA will use the data to target and investigate those employers that it believes have high employee injury/illness rates.
Obviously, this is not how most risk management professionals would advise that a company handle an OSHA inspection.
The goals include: Work with OSHA to provide expertise to develop training and education programs; Work with OSHA to provide expertise in developing information on the recognition and prevention of workplace hazards; Share information among OSHA personnel and industry safety and health professionals; Convene or participate in forums, round table discussions, or stakeholder meetings on asbestos and lead abatement.
In the list of the typical machinery and equipment associated with amputations, OSHA targets casting machinery, power presses, saws, drills and conveyors.
CSB recommended that OSHA issue new regulations on combustible dust and implement a Special Emphasis Program.
During the rulemaking for this new standard, OSHA seemed to agree with many scientists and health professionals that 1 [micro]g/[m.
There were a few other facilities that had been approached and attended a few of the meetings, but they were very skeptical about involvement with OSHA and having the agency come into their facilities--more or less opening their doors 'unnecessarily' to a government agency.
While acknowledging that reactivity hazards are a serious problem, Henshaw explained that rather than expanding the PSM standard, OSHA prefers another approach.
Also available on the plastics industry page of the OSHA website is an interactive machine-guarding eTool that addresses the guidelines and safety measures for use in horizontal injection molding machines.
In 2 minutes you can keep track of OSHA safety and health issues.
On April 5, OSHA announced that voluntary guidelines, rather than regulations, would be developed to reduce and prevent ergonomic injuries.
OSHA has stated that "employers have the right under this final rule to make a reasonable determination that particular MSDs are not work-related.