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OSHA PELOccupational Safety and Health Administration Permissible Exposure Level
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Example IH Results Name Location/ Chemical Duration Activity (Mins.) Matthew Pouring Respirable 480 Dust % Silica Silica (Quartz) Mark Knock Off Respirable 480 Dust % Silica Silica (Quartz) Luke Sorting Respirable 480 Dust % Silica Silica (Quartz) John Grinding Respirable 480 Dust % Silica Silica (Quartz) Name Analytical OSHA PEL * Results Matthew 0.44 mg/ 1.43 mg/ [m.sup.3] 5% [m.sup.3] 0.022 mg/ [m.sup.3] Mark 0.66 mg/ 0.83 mg/ [m.sup.3] 10% [m.sup.3] 0.066 mg/ [m.sup.3] Luke 0.88 mg/ 0.59 mg/ [m.sup.3] 15% [m.sup.3] 0.132 mg/ [m.sup.3] John 1.10 mg/ 0.45 mg/ [m.sup.3] 20% [m.sup.3] 0.220 mg/ [m.sup.3] PEL numbers in this table are based on the current standard at the time of the example, not the new standard that has a compliance date in June.
A Government Test Report certifies the filtration efficiency at 99.99% at 1% of OSHA PEL. Erlab, Inc.
Hence, the OSHA PEL for asbestos is now the federal-wide quantitative threshold for the payment of asbestos EDP.
The tube measures in the range of the OSHA PEL and action level.
The US Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, agreed with industry efforts and in 1992 overturned the expanded OSHA PEL standards, in effect returning them to 1971 levels when the agency was first created by Congress.
In addition, AFS provided extensive and detailed comments to OSHA throughout the rulemaking process, including key economic and technological feasibility issues, as well as how the best available science shows that the current OSHA PEL is appropriate to protect against silica-related disease, provided it is adhered to strictly.
"Over the past 10 years, employees who were monitored for their exposure to respirable silica (as quartz) and respirable particulate had time weighted average exposures that were determined to be below the laboratory's level of quantification, and thus the corresponding OSHA PEL," he affirms.