OSHIOccupational Safety and Health Institute (Jordan)
OSHIOffice of Special Health Issues (US Food and Drug Administration)
OSHIOffice of Special Health Initiatives (US FDA)
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Oshi palav, or pilav, is a traditional Tajik dish that involves the basic ingredients of rice, carrots, meat, but comes in many different variations.
Fact: The idols have received direct messages from upset fans who believe they have been slighted by their oshi on social media.
Founded in 2016 by sisters Helen, Anna and Rhian, Oshi's World aims to support families of children with disabilities, special needs and life-limiting conditions by providing opportunities for them to socialise and attend regular events.
As many as five soups, eight salads, 15 appetisers and dozens of special platters including nigiri and oshi sushis, gunkan, makis and sashimis make up what seems like an endless list of items at the newly opened Brazilian founded fusion sushi bar in Downtown Dubai boulevard.
by ONA Ahmed bin Said Al Marhobi, Finance Director General at OMIFCO signed the agreements on behalf of the company, while Sultan bin Nasser Al A'Amri, Board Chairman of OSHI, Sultan bin Ahmed Al Sabahi, Deputy Board Chairman of NAB and Yahya bin Abdullah Al A'amri, Board Chairman of OAD signed the agreements on behalf of their respective associations.
Muscat, Aug 25 (ONA) Oman India Fertilizer Company (OMIFCO) today signed three agreements in the Ministry of Social Development to provide prosthetic devices worth RO 50,000 for the Oman Association for the Disabled (OAD), Al Noor Association for the Blind (NAB) and the Omani Society for Hearing Impaired (OSHI) .
Oshi, as he's affectionately called, was born on May 5, 2015.
Surface drainage pattern within the area consists of small rivers such as Asumgbom, Atte, Azuu, Ovum, Enu and Oshi rivers which tends to dry up by flowing into the larger Asu river (Obasi and Akudinobi, 2013; Okoyeh and Egboka, 2013).
The Ghost in the Shell (Oshi, 1995) is an anime science-fiction universe, perhaps especially, The Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex television series, may be a great way to explore some additional concepts as well as further developing your existing implications.
They cannot see the point of directions: "Sister Siobhan O'Doyle of the Immaculate order of St Benedict (LEFT) with Usain Bolt" - or "the late John Wayne (RIGHT) with legendary Japanese circus dwarf Oshi."