OSHMSOccupational Safety and Health Management System
OSHMSOhio State Homeopathic Medical Society
OSHMSOccupational Safety and Health Management Standard
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According to the Q1 report, there are 12 industrial establishments whose OSHMS accreditations have been renewed during the first quarter of 2018, as per the approved procedures, while risk assessments have
been conducted for 196 industrial establishments during the first quarter of 2018, and 87 per cent of these establishments were selected to have their OSHMS developed.
The report of the Department of Environment, Health and Safety included a number of performance indicators, which are the review indicators of the OSHMS, including accidents and environment, auditing, and the industrial establishments' commitment to submitting quarterly performance reports, according to the annual plan approved by OSHAD for all sectors.
Regarding the auditing of the OSHMS of the industrial sector, 186 systems were audited by an OSHAD-approved external party during the first quarter of 2018, indicating a significant increase compared to the first quarter of 2017, which had only 78 auditing procedures.
Over time companies have assumed Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems (OSHMS), (previously known as Occupational Health Program) as an expense, and it has been one of the first budgets to be cut down on or cut out in times of austerity; but fortunately this paradigm has been changing, and many companies, mostly medium and large ones, are already aware of the benefits for the company, society, the employees and their families and the competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market.
In this work, we aim to identify the degree of implementation of OSHMS taking into account the assessments of organization, the process, the planning and the working conditions within the companies in the metal-working industry in the South-central Region of Caldas-Colombia.
Based on the results obtained, it was determined that the average compliance rate of OSHMS implementation, groups of companies, classified by the law 905 of 2014, Figure 2.
Due to significant differences in the degree of compliance with OSHMS in the same group of companies according to their size, mainly small and medium ones, the standard deviation for each group of companies was calculated with the following results.