OSHNOttawa Social Housing Network (Canada)
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The respective OSHN Clinical Microbiology Laboratories initially identified all MRSA isolates by using standard microbiological methods.
In a subset analysis, the phenotypic patterns of antimicrobial drug susceptibility and MRSA genotype prediction were determined for 798 MRSA isolates from the OSHN dataset.
We thank the OSU Epicenter Program Team, OSHN, for assistance with data collection; CDC for assistance with initial SCCmec typing; Gregory Fosheim for assistance with PFGE and SCCmec typing; Jennifer Santangelo, David Newman, and Kelly Kent for assistance with the Web entry portal and data management; Ruchi Tiwari for rep-PCR typing; Eric Brandt for PFGE typing; Melissa Abley and Brandon Palinski for MLST typing; and Rachael Tumin for phenotypic analysis.