OSHPDOffice of Statewide Health Planning and Development (California Health and Human Services Agency)
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TekTone[R]'s pre-approval listing can be viewed on the OSHPD website.
21) The OSHPD data for payments and costs combines inpatient and outpatient care, but inpatient visits are typically much more expensive.
The OSHPD Hospital Annual Financial Disclosure Reports provide data on productive hours worked by RNs, licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), unlicensed aides and orderlies, and temporary personnel.
The authors investigated readmission windows and exclusions, and used OSHPD data to determine window-specific readmission rates and relevance to the initial admission (e.
There also was the potential for a type II statistical error in the CHARGE study and suboptimal classification of predictors and outcomes in the OSHPD study.
OSHPD oversight of California hospitals stems from the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, which caused several hospitals to collapse, and hampered the hospitals ability to provide emergency care to the injured.
Because the OSHPD data are based on a much larger sample of hospitalizations in California than the Northern California Kaiser Permanente data, the authors also felt the OSHPD data were more representative of all California hospitalizations.
Casemix indices by payor for 1983 are provided by the OSHPD in Case-Mix Indices for California Hospitals, December 31, 1985 (California Health Facilities Commission).
Daily counts after 21 December 1995 were excluded from analysis because the records for numerous patients not discharged until 1996 were missing, and all 1995 data were excluded from ethnic-group analyses because of changes in OSHPD ethnic classifications.
The OSHPD database is the fourth discharge database to be offered by Caredata.
9 The AHA directories do not limit their entries to AHA member hospitals, and we could detect no bias against the inclusion of non-AHA hospitals when comparing these records with those of OSHPD.
844 for another (California OSHPD, Technical Appendix 1996b, 14-29).