OSICSOrchard Sports Injury Classification System (sports medicine; Dr. John Orchard)
OSICSOpen Systems Interconnection Communication Systems
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These platforms, where people can discuss and resolve social problems, are the online social innovation community (hereinafter "OSIC").
Related studies pertaining to the OSIC platform have focused on micro-volunteering and help-giving behaviors in the online environment [4][5].
We focus on interactive problem solving factors closely related to the OSIC's characteristics.
OSIC is an platform in which this phenomenon occurs.
To date, there has been a lack of research that deals directly with the elements of social innovativeness in OSIC platforms, which is defined as collective behavior that is voluntarily organized by citizens of urban societies [2][5].
OSIC platforms are not developed by government or companies to generate profit, so they may not have clear objectives in their initial stages, but instead they focus on allowing participants to create and share ideas and stories through the interwoven relationships that they have to establish [10][11].
In the context of OSIC, cohesiveness can help small groups share their themes and ideas in certain ways within the social space.
Switching and ambiguity are attiributes of the contents, which is shared by participants in complex communities and networks and are particularly related to the uncertainty of content that exists within borderless internet communities, not traditional organizations such as OSIC platforms [19][23].
Contrary to the organizational hierarchy, the OSIC platforms allow the community to collaborate and communicate without any boundaries or segmentations.
Some scholars stressed the significance of internal and external stakeholders of OSIC platform [12][15].
Revision, uptake and coding issues related to the open access Orchard Sports Injury Classification System (OSICS) versions 8, 9 and 10.1.