OSIMSOcean Status Information System
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HBO International Manpower Services; Century High HR Inc.; First Champion and International Entertainment Inc.; Jamal Human Resource; Farland Personnel Management Corp.; Boom International Recruitment Agency; Workgroup International Manpower Services; Osims Oriental Skills International, Health Carousel Philippines Inc.; Mitch International Recruitment Agency; and Falcon Maritime and Allied Services.
AT OSIMS (Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, November 13, 2013) In full masked regalia, the Lone Wolf Recital Corps, with its founder Adkins as the Reconstruction-era African American senator Blanche Bruce, muscled through an overflow crowd into the Studio Museum's performance space to create a cornucopian celebration with recitations from Osirian texts, a signature "activation" of the sculptures of the much-missed Adkins, who passed away last February.
According to the group's website the protestors were recruited by agencies, including: Saveway International Man Power, Osims Oriental Skills International Manpower, RPF Business Management & Consultancy Inc, Irsal Employment Services Inc, GBMLT Manpower Services Inc, Nawras Manpower Services Inc (formerly Nawras Manpower Services), Al Assal Manpower Inc, Matawi, 4 Brothers, and other still unidentified agencies.