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OSIRISOptical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System (European Space Agency)
OSIRISObservatoire sur les Systèmes d'Information, les Réseaux et les Inforoutes au Sénégal (French: Observatory on Information Systems, Networks and Information Highways in Senegal; Senegal)
OSIRISOptical Spectrograph and InfraRed Imaging System (Canada)
OSIRISOrigins Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security (US NASA)
OSIRISOptical Scattering Instantaneous Respirable Dust Indication System
OSIRISOptimized Synthetic Infrared Interactive Simulation
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Richard Hennity, relationship director at Santander Corporate & Commercial, added: "We're delighted to have been able to support Osiris in refinancing its current business and also its future growth aspirations.
One is the varied lexicography used for the body of Osiris.
8220;With full CMS and e-commerce integration and a built-in suite of advanced features, the platform allows brands like Osiris to rapidly and efficiently deploy a complete branded e-commerce site without the hassle of integrating and managing multiple systems and plug-ins,” says Web Cube CEO Aaron Cuker.
We raised brand recognition for Osiris with an intensive SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign, and now it is time to raise the profile of the organisation within their industry.
Osiris, the Egyptian god of life and death, lost part of his body when he was cut up by his brother.
Osiris realized that no matter who he blamed for his situation, he was responsible for changing it.
Osiris also announced it has received regulatory approval from Health Canada to expand patient enrollment for its ongoing Phase III pivotal trial evaluating Prochymal for the treatment of Graft vs.
Are you the last Osiris team member who wears the Mayhews?
Osiris were to make the first of four payments of pounds 300,000 in December.
Considered the most mysterious mummy in Ireland, a legend claims that Osiris is responsible for a CURSE which sank the Titanic.
Cambrex Corporation also purchased $5 million of Osiris Common Stock and has agreed to purchase an additional $2 million of Common Stock coincident with an Osiris initial public offering.
This depiction of Osiris presents him in the typical combined profile/frontal view.