OSJOptical Society of Japan (Japan Society of Applied Physics)
OSJOffice of Supervisory Jurisdiction (SEC)
OSJOrchestra of St John's (London, UK)
OSJOpera San Jose (San Jose, California)
OSJOrder of St. John of Jerusalem (Knights of Malta)
OSJOblates of St. Joseph (religious order)
OSJOcean Science Journal (Korea)
OSJOpen Source Japan
OSJOrder of St. James (Christian group)
OSJOpen Stub J-Pole (amateur radio antenna)
OSJOrder of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes, and Malta
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Such accomplishments have led the OSJ to present the CEO with one of their top awards, which recognises market performance, commitment to excellence and trend setting, as well as leadership in driving strategy and an inspiring vision.
Affiliated Advisors, led by founder and President Rita Robbins, has been an OSJ since 2004 and is the second largest OSJ firm associated with Royal Alliance.
In addition, Sir Stephen Shaya, MD will also receive a special appointment as Ambassador of the OSJ Knights of Malta.
The OSJ site catalogs hundreds of pages of Catholic social teaching in various formats, including tips for teachers and parish social-action committees.
On the following night, the OSJ will be joined by Tom Poster, the piano finalist in the BBC Young Musicians 2000 competition, for an evening of music by Mozart and Schubert.
Inspired by Saint Joseph the Patriarch, its principal patron, OSJ today serves in 21 parishes and eight schools in 14 dioceses all over the country.
"While the style of an OSJ is important in the advisor-centric business, size is equally so and is scale, since these factors highly determinate in the shaping of the OSJ's future," Hamm explained in an interview with ThinkAdvisor.
Three main OSJ business models emerged during the course of the study, according to AssetMark.
For those not familiar with producer groups, they are a large grouping of financial advisors (also called Super OSJs) that joins together with either a single OSJ (Officer of Supervisory Jurisdiction) or multiple OSJs within the group, with all advisors in the group tied to a single broker-dealer.
"Advisors can use us as a middle office and to take care of the ministerial functions, so they can gain more as group rather than with an individual OSJ."
"LPL Financial reps will either have to eat the $4,800 by going in under the company, or go to a multi-rep OSJ that will take 5% of their payout.