OSJAOffice of Staff Judge Advocate
OSJAOffice of Student Judicial Affairs
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In 2008, CPT Andrew Culbreath--an attorney from Simpsonville, South Carolina--served as an operational law attorney for OSJA, MNC-I.
Historically, researchers at MTFs who wished to enter into non-CIP cooperative research and development agreements and/or material transfer agreements ended up getting advice and assistance from the USAMRMC OSJA, because their local legal offices had no experience with these non-CIP agreements.
If the misconduct is based on information from an administrative investigation, an OSJA representative may be the best person to make the initial assessment.
* Special thanks to the TRADOC OSJA (Colonel Sharon Riley, Lieutenant Colonel Jessica A.
The installation's Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) will typically have a permanent seat inside the IOC, a position frequently filled by an operational law attorney.
It is 1630 on Friday afternoon in the Administrative & Civil Law Division of the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA).
(123) The servicing medical claims office will usually be a function of the MTF Command JA (CJA) or at the servicing Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA) that administers the U.S.
If the CP causes damage to civilian property or is involved in an incident that may cause a claim, the CP will contact OSJA Claims office at xxxx the next duty day.
Without the ballast of either of the two mid-career field grade officers the division OSJA was authorized, the two offices were susceptible to a mild sort of tribalism: the Schofield tribe verses the Iraq tribe; one surrounded by beaches, the other by desert.
In these cases, the Soldier's brigade level commander will request, in writing, authority to exercise UCMJ to the Commander, III Corps and Fort Hood through the OSJA."); FORT KNOX REG.