OSJIOpen Society Justice Initiative
OSJIOriginal Specification Jaguar Interiors (Muncie, IN)
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Expulsion of OSJI would be inconsistent with Article 12 (2) of the Agreement between the United Nations and Royal Government of Cambodia, which ensures that representatives of national and international nongovernmental organizations will at all time have access to the proceedings before the Extraordinary Chambers (in the Courts of Cambodia),'' the NGOs said in the statement.
OSJI opened its office in Cambodia in 2003 after Cambodia and the United Nations signed an agreement to establish the tribunal to bring former Khmer Rouge leaders to justice for their genocidal acts in the late 1970s that resulted in the deaths of at least 1.
CAN anyone suggest where I might buy a battery charger for an OSJI Hand Drill, No 25C240?
The OSJI alleges that Cambodian court personnel, including judges, must kick back a ''significant percentage'' of their wages to government officials in exchange for their positions on the court.