OSJTFOpen Systems Joint Task Force
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Other OSJTF goals include establishing sources of training in Open Systems; establishing a repository that facilitates the communication of Open Systems ideas, implementations, techniques, and technologies; designating appropriate Open Systems standards for DoD weapons systems use; and coordinating with the executive agent for IT standards and forwarding IT standards issues to the executive agent for resolution.
Some specific points from the OSJTF charter highlight various challenges that the Army faces as it works to implement Open Systems.
* The intended loci of the OSJTF are weapons systems and platforms, not Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C31) systems, communications networks, or non-real-time, data-processing functions.
However, the OSJTF will not attempt to force the use of common hardware everywhere; rather, it will seek to standardize to each unique need while retaining the advantages of common architecture and major interfaces (Open Systems Joint Task Force, n.d.).
The OSJTF's role, as well as DoD's, is a top-down leadership role, providing guidance and resources and coordinating across Services and major agencies to establish policies.