OSKOn Screen Keyboard
OSKOptical Society of Korea (South Korea)
OSKOne Shot Kill (gaming clan)
OSKOsaka Shosen Kaisha (Japanese shipping line)
OSKOld School Killas (online gaming)
OSKOslo Seilflyklubb (Norwegian: Oslo Gliding Club)
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Lasky was President and then CEO of JLG from 1999 until the company was sold to OSK in 2006.
Yazit Yusuff, director and head of Islamic Banking at OSK Investment, has said that the company was planning to offer a range of innovative Shariah-compliant products and value-added advisory services to clients, including government departments and agencies.
According to OSK President Roman Trotsenko, who was quoted last week by Russian daily Izvestija, the company looks forward to submissions of design concepts until December 10 and is willing to pay 12 million roubles (Dh1.
OSK will provide specialized custom software development, engineering consulting and technical support services to support WIDCOMM products.
According to Kam, RHB Capital's first strategy after union with OSK will be the integration of all the business forms.
KU) is likely to issue new shares equivalent to as much as 10 percent of its existing equity to pay for OSK Holdings Berhad's (5053.
Last month, RHB Capital and OSK Holdings received the central bank's approval to commence negotiation for a possible merger.
KU), Malaysia's fifth largest lender by assets, and Malaysian stockbroker and investment bank OSK Holdings Berhad (5053.
2 times the book value for OSK Investment Bank Berhad, a wholly owned unit of OSK Holdings Berhad (5053.
In addition to its activities in Manhattan and Westchester, Landers Commercial operates a Los Angeles affiliate and is currently representing Mitsui OSK in its requirements in San Francisco.
The positive outlook is premised on RHB Capital's improved gearing, underpinned by an enlarged equity base following the issuance of shares to OSK Holdings Berhad for the acquisition of OSK Investment Bank Berhad.
Global Banking News-January 11, 2012--RHB Capital seeks approval for merger with OSK Investment Bank(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.