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OSLOpen Source Lab
OSLOptically Stimulated Luminescence
OSLOffice of Student Life
OSLOregon State Library
OSLOntario Safety League (est. 1913; Canada)
OSLOriented Strand Lumber
OSLOrder of St Luke the Physician
OSLOptical Stimulated Luminescence
OSLOrder of Saint Luke
OSLOud Strijders Legioen (Dutch)
OSLOpen-Short-Load (electronic calibration)
OSLOregon Short Line Railroad
OSLOptimum Stimulation Level (marketing)
OSLOslo, Norway - Gardermoen (Airport Code)
OSLOnGameNet Star League (Korean pro-gaming competition)
OSLOrbiting Solar Laboratory
OSLObserved Safe Level
OSLOffice of Space Launch (National Reconnaissance Office)
OSLOff Scale Low (NASA)
OSLOpen Space Laboratory (Tsukuba Research Center, Japan)
OSLOceanographic Systems Laboratory
OSLOn Scene Leader
OSLOperational Safety Limit
OSLOutside Length
OSLOverlay Service Layer
OSLOperations Service Leader
OSLOfficer of the Order of St. Lazarus
OSLOrbiting Space Laboratory
OSLOperational Site Layout
OSLOver the Side Launch (tube launch torpedo)
OSLOutdoor Stream Laboratory (Minnesota)
OSLObject Source Lighting (painting)
OSLOutstanding Leg (structural engineering)
OSLOne Sexy Lady
OSLOffice of Service Learning (various locations)
OSLOn-Site Laboratory
OSLOur Savior Lutheran (various locations)
OSLOpen Source License
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Amongst its market leading brands, OSL Cutting Technologies owns Rotabroach, G & J Hall and Taylor and Jones and has a more than 100-year history in the cutting technology industry.
Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, OSL Cutting Technologies is a market leading supplier of specialist tools for the industrial engineer and fabricator.
On the other hand, OSL-A consistently outperforms OSL on the two datasets.
BrokerBank Securities said it has released a report that includes an analysis on OSL Holdings Inc.
OSL, on behalf of [airport operator] Avinor, has been assigned the task of conducting a study to identify the best altemative.
Existing OSL clients will have another network provider to access Russian markets.
It should, therefore, be feasible to produce OSL in OSB mills, alone or alternating with OSB either with a conventional species such as trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides), to which the OSB industry is already well adapted (although raw material availability is limited), or other available species such as paper birch (Betula papyrifera), which is currently under-utilized across Canada.
It has just established a separate Company, OSL Training, to help its clients and others to stay ahead in business by up-skilling their staff, delivering NVQs in customer service, conflict resolution, manual handling, supervisory and other key management skills.
OSL is planning to launch the hotcan[R] into full UK production this month (February) and has also secured a production partner in the States, which could see its profits soar.
The study of the efficiency of (optical) response by stimulation means the measurements of the OSL stimulation spectra of quartz and alkali feldspars in the widest possible spectral region.
Personally, I believe that Jinmium's age lies somewhere in between the [thermoluminescence] results and the OSL estimates," remarks archaeologist Paul S.