OSLDOptically Stimulated Luminescence Dosimeter (radiology)
OSLDOffice of Student Life and Development (various schools)
OSLDOffice of Student Learning and Development (Palmer College of Chiropractic; Davenport, IA)
OSLDOffice of Student Leadership Development (Lehigh University; Bethlehem, PA)
OSLDOpen Source License Detection
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Jursinic, giving oncologists access to the pinpoint accuracy of OSLD readings for skin entrance dose leads to more effective treatment.
Adds Yahnke, "When OSLD technology is used in combination with the Landauer microStar([R]) solution, clinicians not only get the benefit of better outcomes, as predicted by Dr.
Jursinic's independent research and 2007 article in the Journal of Medical Physics, "Characterization of optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters, OSLDs, for clinical dosimetric measurements," which concludes that OSLDs may be a superior substitute for TLDs and diodes for in vivo dosimetric measurements, particularly for surface dose measurements.