OSLROptimized Link State Routing
OSLROut-of-Service Lost Revenue (business)
OSLROcean Science in relation to Living Resources
OSLROutstanding Loss Reserves (cash reserved by an insurance company to cover unpaid claims)
OSLROverhead-Suspended Light Rail (transportation system)
OSLROn-Site Logistics Representative
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Also, the metric of ETX was implemented over different multihop routing protocols like optimized link state routing (OSLR) protocol [15].
In [18], a dual-band BPF using open stub-loaded resonator (OSLR) and 0[degrees] feeding structure was first analyzed and designed.
Because of these weaknesses, geographical routing protocols are known to be more suitable and useful to VANET than existing MANET protocols such as AODV [5], OSLR [6], and DSR [7].