OSLTOr Something Like That
OSLTOther Structured Learning Time
OSLTOwl Solar Light
OSLTOwen Sound Little Theater (Ontario, Canada)
OSLTOperational Services Leadership Team
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The curricula in Colleges Ontario's OSLT for various occupational fields mention soft skills only a few times in 300+ pages, sometimes leaving it up to the instructor to define the term.
In the case of soft skills specifically for job interviews and job retention, that is, employability, the author's readings and experience teaching ELT and OSLT have shown that those that can be not only explained but also practised are a good starting point.
She teaches Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT) at Humber College and is the author of Office Soft Skills, a book for newcomers on effective communication for North American office workplaces.
The meeting discussed challenges and difficulties facing owners of land transport companies in the Governorate of Dhofar, as well as aspects of cooperation between the OSLT and the Office of the State Minister and Dhofar Governor to limit these difficulties.
OSLT Chairman briefed Sayyid al-Busaidi on the efforts being exerted by the OSLT.
The SPARQ automatically calibrates in only about 1 minute using the built-in OSLT calibration kit, and then measures the DUT without any need to disconnect/reconnect between the calibration and DUT measurement steps.
OSLT is often referred to as SOLT (short-open-load-thru); both terms refer to the same calibration method.
Khalid bin Salim al-Dur'ei, OSLT Chairman gave a speech during which he stressed the importance of the land transport sector.
During the seminar, a documentary was screened on the establishment of OSLT. A panel discussion was also held during the seminar, which dealt with a number of topics in respect to the investment opportunities in the land transport sector and availing solutions for the transport problems.
But with the emergence of ELT, OSLT, and Bridging programs and the addition of work and job search content to general ESL classes such as Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), a need was created for experienced instructors who could address those specific language and communication issues.
Taking into consideration the content of TESL programs in general (based on expertise and teaching experience in two respected TESL programs) and the practical English for Speciic Purposes (ESP) teaching experience of this author (including ELT and OSLT from the pilot stage), four key components of a post-TESL certificate "Language Training for Employment" (LTE) course were identified: