OSLTFOil Spill Liability Trust Fund
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Billing triple for OSLTF response costs is only one option.
ICS Incident Command System; provides formal response structure and chain-of-command 207 ICS 207; the Incident Organization Chart UC Unified Command, consists of qualified representatives of involved parties; determines response objectives Planning P NIMS process conceptualized in the form of a capital "P" outlining the cycle of incident planning: the incident, notifications, initial response and assessment, incident briefing, incident command/UC meeting and repeating Response Agencies Federal agencies providing FOSCs as specified in the NCP, including EPA / Coast Guard / DOD; state agencies may provide SOSCs with similar authorities OSLTF Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund; maintained by the U.
The OSLTF is available to pay claims for uncompensated damages pursuant to the law and accompanying federal regulations.