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Frydendal continued: "After a thorough process it became clear that OSM was to be that preferred, long-term partner.
I served on a joint state/industry/citizen Bonding Protocol Work Group at the request of both Kentucky and OSM. I have been honored to call many OSM colleagues friends over the years and I am confident that those who know me can attest to my character and professionalism in the approach that I would have taken to the job.
'In many developing countries, OSM maps are more detailed than Google's because Google has no commercial incentive to improve its maps there,' says a spokesman for MSF.
For this purpose, orthorectification for KOMPSAT-3 and KOMPSAT3A images was carried out using relatively accurate reference data and well-known open source data (e.g., OSM and SRTM DEM) in study areas (c) and (d).
In the present study, we aimed to examine the expression of OSM in the renal tissue of LN mice and to evaluate the possible role and mechanism of OSM in TIL.
OSM is a rare company that acknowledges its people, that they are behind the success of the institution for the past 25 years.
OSM has been created under the umbrella of ETSI, and it is an operator-led community to meet the requirements of production NFV networks such as a common Information Model (IM) that has been defined, implemented and released in open source software.
The OSM works under the direct auspices of the leader of the enterprise.
According to the company, to ensure the best possible transition for the business, as well as to simultaneously prioritise continued employment for the staff, it has decided to sell all shares in the Proffice Aviation company to OSM Aviation.
Proffice Group (STO: PROEB) said it has sold off its Aviation division to OSM Aviation AS in Norway.
17 April 2015 - Swedish staffing, recruitment and outplacement company Proffice Group (STO: PROEB) has sold off its Aviation division to Norwegian aircrew staffing specialist OSM Aviation AS, the company said.