OSMCOpen Source Motor Controller
OSMCOffice of Scientific Meetings and Conferences (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
OSMCOrthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center LLC (Maryland)
OSMCOpen Source Monitoring Conference
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OSMC or Open Source Media Center is an aftermarket firmware for the Raspberry Pi and the Apple TV, which provides much more features than the stock firmware.
Beside informative speeches, many suggestions and approaches for the practical implementation the OSMC offers the opportunity for exciting discussions around open source in a relaxed atmosphere.
Further information on the OSMC can be found by visiting the conference website: www.
The online bidding document has already been uploaded on the NIC website as well as in the OSMC website.
The OSMC MD has clarified that the supply of medicines will be based on the needs of the institutions as well as on the availability of specialists.
He also noted that the technical management and operations of the vessels of Project Silver will be by Oman Ship Management Company (OSMC), a subsidiary of OSC, and this is also an irrefutable proof of OSMCs capabilities and the confidence of the world's major companies, such as Shell International in technical management of OSMC.
Recently, in September 2011, OSMC was awarded ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation, recognising its adoption of international standards and best practices in Ship Management.
By the year end, OSMC will directly manage a fleet of 23 vessels, in-house, from its Muscat Headquarters.
After introducing the system, Health and Family Welfare Minister Atanu Sabyasachi Nayak, said : "The OSMC will ensure timely procurement of quality medicines, surgical and EIF (equipment instrument and furniture) centrally adhering to a fair, transparent, competitive tendering process for all Government hospitals and medical colleges.
With a membership including some of the world s leading engineering organizations and CAD and CAE software developers, the OSMC is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with the aim of developing and promoting the development and usage of the OpenModelica open source implementation of the Modelica and associated open-source tools and libraries.
Recently, in September 2011, OSMC was awarded quality management ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation in environmental standards.
OSMC is a subsidiary of OSC, which is a closed joint stock Company, incorporated in May 2003 and owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman through the Ministry of Finance (80%) and Oman Oil Company S.