OSMFOpen Source Media Framework (video player application)
OSMFOpen Synchronization Management Framework
OSMFOsi System Management Function
OSMFOral submucous fibrosis
OSMFOpenStreetMap Foundation (UK)
OSMFOld Settlers Music Festival (Austin, TX)
OSMFOpen Service Management Framework
OSMFOpen Synchronization Management Framework (Symmetricom)
OSMFOSI System Management Function (TMN)
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The most common potentially malignant disorder was OSMF [Table 3].
Seedat and Van Wyk in 1988 reported that OSMF also occurs in patients having no history of areca nut chewing.
Initially this condition was limited to subcontinent but because of increase in number of migrants OSMF is being reported from western countries as well.
Historically OSMF is a known entity since centuries.
Clinical diagnosis of OSMF was based on symptom of burning sensation in mouth upon consumption of spicy or hot foods, repeated vesiculation or ulceration in oral cavity and signs observed were vesicles/ulcers in oral cavity, areas of fibrosis in vestibule of mouth, oral cavity proper and oropharynx, partial or complete inability to protrude out the tongue (ankyloglossia) with or without reduced mouth opening (trismus).
lt;p>Adobe's OSMF and Text Layout Framework better enable companies to take advantage of capabilities of Flash 10 without having to understand all the "nuts and bolts of low-level ActionScript calls and functions," said Hammond.
OSMF is the open source part of the Strobe project that enables easy-to-build media players optimized for the Adobe Flash Platform.
OSMF has a characteristic feature of juxta-epithelial inflammation and fibrosis, mostly along with progressive atrophy of the overlying epithelium, keratinizing metaplasia, increased deposition of hyalinised collagen underneath the basement membrane, and a progressive loss of vascularity to the mucosa giving a pale glossy smoothened look.
as OSMF extension, but in 2015 it focused its efforts on other developments, and no one took over dash.
The use of areca nut has been strongly implicated as the principal etiological factor in the pathogenesis of OSMF which involves cytokine mediated collagen synthesis and deposition and reduced collagen degradation.
5,6] OSMF has been documented in the Indian population since the time of Sushruta--a renowned Indian physician (Circa sixth century BCE) as Vidari, the features of which simulate Oral Submucous Fibrosis, and is more often seen in South Asian countries.