OSMOSOff-Site Monitoring and Surveillance
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Kazi, "Enabling the construction virtual enterprise: the OSMOS approach", ITcon Vol.
Direct2Drive first discovered OSMOS at the 2009 Independent Games Festival, where it honored the title with its first annual Direct2Drive Vision Award, which awarded $10,000 to Direct2Drive's top pick as the best indie game of the festival.
Direct2Drive is excited to help drive pre-order sales for OSMOS - an accessible and sophisticated indie game worthy of recognition.
OSMOS has always taken active efforts in bridging the gap in the SHM industry.
OSMOS has also formed relationships to further enhance its value proposition to its clients.
As the industry's first high-performance, object-relational database, OSMOS has proven to be extremely valuable in a number of markets, including financial, government, telecommunications, travel, and healthcare.
Hunter Consulting is including OSMOS as a key component of its technology base as a reseller and service provider for the OSMOS program.
As the industry's first high-performance, object-relational database, OSMOS is the perfect database technology to bundle with TechnoTeacher's products.
A 90-day fully -featured evaluation copy of the Unisys OSMOS Object-Relational Database will be included in every copy of the VisualWave 2.
LocateIt software and OSMOS solve a variety of business problems that require accurate geographic data analysis, such as communications switch box location, shipping address verification, sales lead identification, map drawing, tax jurisdiction identification, and determination of pricing for distance-based services.
s Paradigm Plus, a powerful OOAD tool that supports Enterprise Component Modeling (ECM), code generation and reverse engineering, are now integrated with OSMOS.
The object database industry is clearly still emerging, but there is a strong need for the capabilities that the OSMOS object database provides -- support for complex data structures, high capacity, high throughput, scalability and database resiliency -- among many of our telecommunications customers," said Mike Dowers, OSMOS director of business development.