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OSMPOpen Space and Mountain Parks (City of Boulder, CO)
OSMPOpen Source Metaverse Project
OSMPOpen Space Management Plan (various locations)
OSMPOperational Support Modernization Program
OSMPOffice of Strategic Management and Planning (National Institutes of Health)
OSMPOcean Surveillance Master Plan
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In 1998, Downham volunteered with OSMP and was enthusiastic about creating an accessible trail guidebook.
Last year, OSMP acquired some all-terrain, power-assisted handcycles to help more people with disabilities experience the trails more easily.
Downham hopes to spread his message beyond the trails using OSMP's fleet of Quickie wheelchairs.
The OSMP aims to make support rapid and predictive.
In much the same way as the kill chain was reengineered to remove steps that added no value, the OSMP will examine and reengineer critical support processes.
SOF units would benefit directly from the OSMP through the availability of decision-quality support information to the SOF decision maker: real-time status of personnel, equipment, and materiel.
Mail.ru, the Odnoklassniki social network, ICQ and minority interests in Vkontakte and OSMP and E-port payment systems, have been merged into a holding company called the Mail.ru Group.
Tenders are invited for Consultant to provide historic architectural designs for projects on OSMP property.
Tenders are invited for Consultant to provide Construction Management (CM) support for projects on OSMP property.
To lead Edmonton for the next 30 years, the City is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to prepare a visionary Open Space Master Plan (OSMP) that will bring a strategic, innovative and transformative approach to open space planning and design and recognize its central role in city building.