OSMROffice for Science and Medical Research
OSMROld Southern Moonshine Revival (band)
OSMROffice of Survey Methods Research (US DOL)
OSMROrlando Society of Model Railroaders (Florida, USA)
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Interleukin-31 receptor, called IL31R, takes its name from the ligand IL-31; it is a heterodimeric receptor, is ubiquitously expressed, and consists of 2 subunits, IL-31 receptor alpha (IL-31RA) and oncostatin-M receptor beta (OSMR), which are expressed on IL-31activated monocytes.
When IL-31 binds to its heterodimeric receptor composed of the IL-31RA/ OSMR complex, it induces the phosphorylation of the JAK1/2, and subsequently it induces the phosphorylation of PI3K/AKT, and it activates STAT pathway [12, 23].
delineated that the calcium influx was induced by IL-31 in eosinophils mainly through OSMR mediating, which prompt IL-31 may affect the myocardial contraction [44].
In parallel, Siemens has further agreed with LNGL to establish a supplier alliance agreement (SAA) for process compression equipment and drivers for future LNGL projects in support of the company strategy to standardise the implementation of the OSMR LNG technology worldwide.
The trial is designed to identify chronic pruritic conditions where signaling through oncostatin M receptor beta (OSMR) may be playing a role and to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of KPL-716 in reducing the moderate-to-severe pruritus experienced by these subjects.
KPL-716 is an investigational fully-human monoclonal antibody that targets OSMR, which mediates signaling of interleukin-31 (IL-31) and oncostatin M (OSM), two key cytokines implicated in pruritus, inflammation and fibrosis.
'We believe the data from the repeated-single-dose Phase 1b study show that KPL-716 has the potential to treat a spectrum of pruritic diseases which involve signaling through OSMR,' said John F.
Although OSM can engage both the LIFR (gp130:LIFR-[beta] complex) and the specific OSMR (gp130:OSMR-[beta] complex) in human cells, the lack of comparable function by LIF in this system indicates that OSM is acting through the OSMR in both HAoAFs and HAoSMCs.
Brandon Kopp (Office of Survey Methods Research, OSMR) oversaw and conducted the usability tests and shared an overview of the process along with results and recommendations from the tests at the symposium.
Brandon Kopp (OSMR) reported that the CE Records Study focused on determining what records are available and from whom, while establishing how respondents' self-reports compare with those records.